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Mmabana Arts, Culture and Sports Animation Portal

The Animation Portal is an initiative in partnership with The Mmabana Arts, Culture and Sports Foundation and Digital Characters. This initiative aims to grow animation and create a profitable industry in the North West province. In collaboration with other animation institutions in the country, Digital Characters seeks to incubate future legends of the industry and create new opportunities across the province.


Animation is a very rare sector, largely unrecognised in the province, and with that realisation, we have set a plan to identify if potential is there and if growth can be attained by following the phases below:

1. Phase one

Seek out animators across the province in a form of submission of 30sec animation piece which can be either 2d or 3d animation. With this data we will be able to analyse the market.

2. Phase Two

With the data acquired, the involved stakeholders will gather a selection of creatives who will receive further training with Digital Characters. These creatives will be the first chosen participants who will help launch animation in the Province.


3. Phase Three

The chosen participants will get an opportunity to work on the upcoming first 100% black produced feature film DIMO, which is currently under development in partnership with The National Film and Video foundation.


Interested animators should fill in the required sections in the form and submit an animated video on the NW Animation portal page.

 There’s only a limited number of submissions open and we only require serious participants with some form of knowledge in animation. The animation video does not have to be perfect or of a high standard but it has to visually make sense.

 A 30 sec audio clip from the feature film Dimo is provided below for those who do not have an animation clip at hand and wish to animate using it. Please go thru the and agree to the terms of use before using the clip.     

Please read and understand the application rules set below.   



  1. Your video format and size should be:
  • 30 sec long
  • MP4
  • 70mb or less
  1. Clips should be animation, no live action footage will be accepted. Any live action footage will be automatically declined and you will forfeit your application.
  1. A limit of 60mb or less will be able to be uploaded into the server, any clip larger than 60mb will be automatically rejected by the system for not meeting requirements.
  1. No 18+ type of content, vulgar language, Violence of any kind in a form of decapitation, blood, killings etc. will be accepted. Uploads will are checked regularly, and any clip of such nature will be declined automatically.
  1. Animation content should be original and not copied from anybody’s work, either it be work from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video site. A background check will be made on submitted content to insure originality.
  1. At the moment, submissions are only open to individuals living in the North West region. Please fill in the application form and supply us with your correct location with the correct details to avoid being forfeited for giving false information.
  1. Submission deadline extended.
  1. Applicants should be 18 and above, must have Matriculation certificate and an original South African ID
  1. Please follow registration the steps carefully to avoid mistakes

For more information drop us mail at:

I agree with the terms and conditions